It is the 100th post. We officially launched our first post on 8 Nov 2008. It took us 2 years and nearly 3 months to get here.   
Ilona and Gosia, we are the authors of the 'Bread & Wine" blog. This blog is a continuation of our cookery school friendship and experience. While at school and later, we were meeting in our homes and trying new recipes and cooking techniques frequently. Tree years ago Gosia moved abroad and a few months later we decided to open this blog. Our blog is a place where we share our ideas, recipes and culinary adventures and where our relationship is developing. We also want to spread our vision of cooking and Polish cuisine and culture in the whole world. Why does this blog have the name 'Bread &Wine'? It is simple. Ilona loves bread. Gosia likes wine. Our characters are reflected in these symbols. In this post we are going to write about our expression and plans on next posts. We are also going to select our favourite post. Finally, we will write about how we will celebrate the hundredth post.  

Gosia summary I love cooking and every day I try new recipes. In the past I wrote down the best recipes in the notebook. When I discovered “blogs” in the Internet, I decided to collect my kitchen experiences in this way. When I moved abroad and started working as a chef, I wanted to make something else than my everyday tasks. I also needed to practice language skills. I told Ilona about my ideas and we decided to make a blog together. Now our blog is a place where I write down every important experience with cuisine. I met some interesting people through the blog. My passion is more systematic than in the past and my husband is happy because I sometimes cook traditional Polish food. This year I plan to write more about wine and cheese. I want to bring Polish cuisine and culture to the Bread &Wine fans. I will continue the series about the influence of the other cuisines on the Polish cuisine. This topic fascinates me. Currently I live in Ireland. So I also want to show a few interesting places and recipes from this country.  

Gosia's favourite posts of her own: 

“Influence of the Polish cuisine - part 1 - Japanese herring - śledź po japońsku “– Because I love herrings.
My experience with Canarian food” - This is a post about my journey and it was a time full of new experiences.
Gosia's favourite Ila's posts
“Polish Slow Food” – beautiful photos and ideas 
Dandelion bread” - for sophistication  
Homage to Poilâne – It is the first post on our blog, and my bible of bread. 

I will celebrate the hundredth post with my friends. I made dinner with meals from different cuisines. It was very happy time. In the next posts I’ll provide you with recipes of some meals from this menu: 

Menu Starter: Sushi bar, Herring salad, French duck liver pate 
Main course : Chicken baking in French style with potatos puree , mizeria (cucumber slad), polish carot salad, salad with horseradish.  
Desert: Parisian macarons, chocolate muffins, my mum yeast buns, 
Ilona summary In the beginning it is surprisingly hard to estimate what are the results of my free lance writing and publishing here. However when I look through all the posts I did make I see that my friend was so encouraging in all this journey. I am especially grateful for opening my mind to the possibility of photographing food which became my true fascination till today. With more and more recipes tested every year I have discovered that the perspective of cooking all the recipes from one particular cookbook is not so scary as I thought. Consistently I am devoted to breads, pastries, cookies and soups. It is so difficult to chose my favourite posts! I cannot do it another way as distinguishing between photo collection posts or strictly informative Gosia's texts and others treating exactly on preparing food and searching for a taste.    

Ila's favourite post of her own - because of the photos bringing wonderful memories:
  1. 2009 review - because of the beautiful photos collected together
  2. Polish Slow Food - because of the photos and the wonderful people met there
  3. A Gourmet in London - because of the both aforementioned...plus dream of vacation...
Ila's favourite posts of her own - for the food purposes:
  1. Hawaiian chocolate cake - one of these things the children love their mothers for, discovered in 2011
  2. Coriander bread and Dandelion bread - for the method of preparation, taste and the stories behind the recipes
  3. Aubergines in wine - my first experience in cooking with wine and a very successful one straight away
Ila's favourite Gosia's posts - for the high informative quality:
  1. My experience with Canarian food - mojo sauces and all the yummy rest
  2. Soave -wine - humble beginnings of the blog
  3. Winter leeks - history from the ancient Romans to the 20th century NY
Ila's favourite Gosia's posts - for the food purposes:
  1. From doughnuts to herrings - Polish shrovetide - for the best doughnuts recipe ever
  2. Pumpkin cookies - I wouldn't think of that
  3. World famous dessert of Italy - for sophistication
I decide to celebrate the 100th post with a bread that was in my mind from the very beginning: the wine bread. It has a nice pink colour while still raw and an incredible smell while baking! And then it is quite dense and nourishing. Ila's 100th wine bread recipe 600 g wheat flour 80 g rye brans 200 g tepid water 15 g fresh yeasts 2 tspns sugar 2 tspns salt 1/4 tspn coarsely ground pepper 230 ml dry red wine oil for the baking metal sheet 1. Dilute sugar and yeasts in water, add some wheat flour just to get the consistency of a yoghurt. Leave to bubble. 2. Mix two flours with salt. Add the leaven, wine and pepper. Knead the dough for at least 5 minutes. Leave in an oiled bowl under the wet cloth to double the size. 3. Take the dough out on a floured surface and form a loaf. Leave for proofing. 4. When the dough double the size, glaze with water, puncture with a toothpick and bake in preheated oven at 175 degrees for 45 hours. 
Finally, we ended up with a mango & papaya seeds vinegrette pasta. But this is the theme for a separate story... My plans? Starting in New Zealand and Australia, we'll sail further into the South Pacific! I guess there is the time now to congratulate ourselves this wonderful time devoted to cooking, eating and blogging. Let's wish each other more celebrating with good eating and less drinking and more good friends around! 

Smacznego! Enjoy! E ai kakou!

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