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I wanted to find a new wine for dinner with friends. I needed a white wine which would be good with fish and dried fruits. I found a good Italian wine from region Veneto. My wine was produced in SOAVE. Soave is a dry white wine from the northeast Italy, principally around the city of Verona. Garganega is the designation’s principal grape variety, and over the centuries it has found an ideal habitat.

The Soave production zone is situated in the eastern part of the hills in the province of Verona. There are three kind of Soave wine. Soave DOC it is designed to be drunk a year or two after the vintage. Soave Classico DOC using the specification "Classico" with the designation "Soave" is reserved for the product made from grapes harvested and vinified in the municipalities of Soave and Monteforte d'Alpone, i.e. the original and oldest classic "zone". And Recioto di Soave Superiore DOCG the production zone is limited to the hillside sites already noted in the regulations for the production of Recioto di Soave DOCG.

I bought Soave Doc because it was cheaper and lighter than other wine from Soave. Company which made this wine is old vineyard bought by Petro Sartori in 1898. Sartori makes wines which are modern interpretations of the classic wines of Verona.

My wine is made of Garganega (90%) and Trebbiano di Soave (10%) grapes. This wine is characterized by straw yellow color, liquid is transparent and clear. Wine have fresh and gentle aroma with delicate apple and fruits smell. Taste is fresh, fruity and light. This wine is good for appetizers, pasta with light sauces, fish and it would be good supplement for very traditional Polish Christmas Eve supper.

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