Hand made candies must-see in Warsaw

February is always the special month for me as I celebrate my birthday. This year my husband invited me for the candy and lollipop making show at the candy shop called "Manufaktura cukierków". The place is truly amazing and everyone visiting Warsaw should experience this.
The wonderful window display reminds of Christmas.
And the interior may be full of kids. 
And sweets.
The gifted man behind the bar performing his show, working with hot caramel that becomes white and shiny.
First he formed a caramel pear.

Then a skin for a candy.

Then you need plenty of hands for rolling, rolling, rolling...

 And you can cut warm candies which is done with quite a speed!

 Then we've made lollipops, even the worst rascals kept focussed.
 I have made the first true lollipop in my life. And we were both happy with Mr Waldemar.

To stroke or to lick?

Manufaktura Cukierków
49 Tamka St
(entering from Ordynacka St)00-355 Warsaw


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