Cabernet-Negrette Aubergines

Hungry mind walks strange ways (you can quote that). Do you too starve yourself to stimulate your mind to create some tasty dish? Lying in bed at night I was thinking about stuffed aubergines, marinated roasted aubergines, pickeled aubergines. For me there is no more French vegetable than this one, even leeks lose the contest with it.

Rosemary Cabernet Negrette Aubergines
(for 2)

1 medium aubergine
1 tsp chopped rosemary
2 Tbsp extra vergin olive oil
100-150 ml Cabernet-Negrette or another red table wine
100-150 ml double cream
salt, freshly groung pepper
pasta for 2 people

1. Slice aubergine into thick slices (around 1 cm) and cut them into four pieces. Start boiling pasta, by the time it will be ready, you will finish with the aubergine and a sauce.
2. Heat the oil in the frying-pan, add rosemary, stir for half a minute. Add aubergine, saute for 2 minutes, mixing halfway.
3. Pour wine and stew under cover for 3-4 minutes tossing.
4. Pour cream, season generously with salt and pepper, mix and leave under cover for another couple of minutes.
5. Remove the lid and reduce the souce, seasoning if necessary.
6. Arrange pasta on plates, cover with the aubergine pieces and the nice purple sauce. Decorate with herbs.

Enjoy delicious flavours of rosemary in this red wine sauce! Absolutely amazing dish, although so simple and quick.

Small note on wine: the good thing about cooking with wine is that you don't need a superb wine to cook a superb dish. Sometimes something hardly drinkable can go well if used in the cooking process.

Whatever is your experience with VdP du Comte Tolosan Allegoria Cabernet-Negrette (vintage 2005) or Negrette in general, please share it here. I only can assure you, it goes well with aubergines!!!

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