Polish Slow Food

This week we were celebrating 650th location anniversary of Ptaszkowa, a village of 3,000 inhabitants located near Nowy Sącz in Beskid Niski mountains in the south of Poland. We were there because of my husband who wrote a book about the truly fascinating history of this noble village.

There was a community contest of local food prepared by the farmer’s wives’ associations from different villages in the district of Grybów. That was a real feast. With delightful food and what is more with smiling faces of vibrant personalities in their regional clothes, singing lively folk songs and celebrating also thirtieth anniversary of the ordination of their parish priest. That was the place where we had our just right to taste!

Let's eat and sing...

...and share the joy of life!

I would go mushroom-picking every day with that kind of stuff! And eat bigos from Biała Niżna! The secret - I was told- is in the way you cook the cabbage!

The traditional figurine made of butter, usually put on the table during the Easter, here we have hen - shaped in the mould counting 150 years! It was made by the grandfather of one of the ladies. Have you recently tried the real butter - I mean did you find the taste of the sour cream in it? I did! There’s no comparison to anything else you name butter. It would be worth to come here just for this one thing! But since there were also traditional sausages...

Cold meat in aspic and traditional Polish yeasted wedding cake called "kołacz" (kolach).

Here one could sample the fruit home-made wine with dog rose syrup - from Polna village. Good mood guaranteed:-)

I got the loaf from Mrs Janka from Gródek and have tried on the regional costume!

But above all we met extraordinary people.
You are highly welcome to Ptaszkowa! The recipes and people are priceless!!!

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