Figs with rich feeling

Hi everybody!! I'm back too. Apologies for my absence, but summer means buzy time for me.

This summer I made a discovery of “fig”. I know these fruits and sometimes I ate them but I never was delighted with taste of figs... until now. My summer guests brought me Polish culinary magazine “Kuchnia” ( kitchen). On the front cover there is a picture of a fig with pine nuts. I like pine nuts but I never ate them in that combination. I found recipe and made it.

For 4 people
8 figs
40 dag goat's cheese ( any one is good, I tried tihs recipe with a few kinds of goat's cheese )
10 dag pine nuts
olive oil and balsamic vinegar for taste

Every fig on top makes a cross cut. Gently part fig and put inside piece of goat's cheese.
Roast pine nuts . Sprinkle figs with pine nuts. Put fruits on baking tray covered with baking sheet and put in oven. Bake for 8 minutes in 190 C.
Before serving sprinkle fruits with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Recipe is easy but taste is rich – perfection!!!



À la campagne!

I am of the generation born in the countryside that emigrated to the city. For higher education, better job opportunities, an easy access to theatres and cinemas, more comfortable life and generally to have much more of anything... blah blah blah.

Secretly I suppose that I am not the only one dreaming about weeding my sweet promising carrots, picking up my own butterhead lettuce and tender stroking maturing pumpkins. I really believe that one day my garden will be blooming. I can feel it through my skin. I love rubbing the soil between my fingers to smell the land. Anywhere in the countryside everything has its proper time. Nothing is going to happen too soon or too late. You live with the weather and not in spite of. Finally there is the place for a straw hat and some orange dungarees.

Did we fall down? Hand-picked plums were asking each other. No, I was there to help with meeting with their destination. That is to be sampled and captured in jars for the winter days.

These ones could be called hopes instead of grapes. Even if they taste sourly you do hope for the future fruits. Ours taste closely to wild blueberries. Surprisingly.

Nothing more to add. Calmness and beauty.

Man's best friend. Also part of the nature.

Forest treasure inextricably linked with the countryside.

These are the children. Feel responsible. Let them live in the sun. Do not bother with vanities.Watch them growing and be proud!!!

Grant us Lord the fruitful life.


Taste Festival in Krakow

Hi everybody! I am back! Sorry for the huge gap, those who know me know that I am currently managing the restaurant, not mine yet. Not yet.

Me and you dear readers, we have much to make up for the lost time because as you may suppose I was not starving during this time. What do I have to share are the memories of tastes, colourful photos and of course my good look;-), well, I meant mood...

Let' s start with few pictures from the late August's Taste Festival in Krakow. The event shows that we are hunger for our culinary heritage and we need much more space for the future festival. There were crowds in spite of the rain. I particularly liked the idea of cooking the vegetable soup to share it with all the guests. Yummy, yummy matter.

Try our delicious meats! Fresh from the mountains!

Maybe a wholemeal dumpling?
Or an apple from the Bona Sforza queen's dress? (Very notable person in Polish culinary history!)
I prefer doughnuts...

Even deers are waiting for the hot bigos, despite the weather.
Bread sculpture - stalls decorated ingeniously.

REMEMBER THAT: Polish doughnuts are the best in the world.
Polish oscypek, ewe's milk cheese - range of shapes.

Other photos can be found here.
See you next year?


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