Dine at Peter Gordon's

London always means good memories to me and this time was no exception. This January visit to UK was my shortest ever but the most memorable so far. I got up from a bus at Baker Street where I worked in the past. The vicinity has changed a bit. I realised that when I stopped by a new Gourmet Burger Restaurant. The brand busted from 27 premises when I was working there to over 50 today including those in Greece, Ireland and the Middle East. Of course there was no way to resist. The meat has changed over the years from Aberdeen to West
Country Beef and the sesame bun has changed a bit but the general taste impression was nearly the same. Their gourmet sauces still are my favourite. While in London you need to try a GBK burger. Than I checked my old time favourite spots, Daunt Books on 83 Marylebone High Street and Fromagerie on 2-6 Moxon Street. An hour later I was gazing at red gournard and Saint Jacques at FishWorks shopping window at 89 Marylebone High St. And finally I got to The Providores and Tapa Room at 109 number of the same street, my main destination. 

Believe or not, but the owners Peter Gordon and Michael McGrath were just sitting by the table busy with the papers. Luckily the co-owner and the executive chef Peter Gordon (yes, the fusion cuisine’s father) had enough time to chat about his work and the second restaurant, Kopapa on 32-34 Monmouth Street in Covent Garden. I was given his latest book, Everyday which is great because I have already eaten all of the dishes from his A World in My Kitchen :-). Despite being so busy Peter is writing a foreword for my New Zealand’s cookbook that will be printed out in March. Next time  you will be holding my book, Sir!
Yumm, yumm, yumm, couldn’t I leave without tasting? No. Waiting for my dish I was admiring the space of the Tapa Room which is on ground floor and serves smaller dishes. The name comes from a Polynesian cloth made of block printed and hand beaten paper mulberry bark. A huge piece of that hangs on the wall and make you feel eating with the ancestors’ spirits. The upstairs more formal dining room is called The Providores and serves equally delicious, perfectly designed dishes. 

Helping myself with the menu I knew what I was served. The description shows Peter Gordon’s distinctive style combining products from all over the world. I have tried the kohlrabi and onion bhaji with plantain and date salsa, sumac yoghurt and pomegranate mint sauce. The small work of art, resembling a fried pyramid was surprisingly chewy and chrispy at the same time. I was particularly interested in the use of sumac which is completly unknown in Poland and I had huge problems how to use it when I brough it from Bosnia 3 years ago. The spice proved to be much more aromatic here! I loved the date salsa. Did you know that there are green dates edible?
What can a pastry lover say… that the dessert was superb. The poached quince, broken with vanilla pod, perfectly combines with ginger creme brulee. And the mountain range shaped pistaccio and orange ricciarelli biscuit heats the atmosphere. I was overwhelmed. You could only take a New Zealand’s style coffe – a flat white with it.

Then I stock myself with New Zealand’s and Australian foods from the Australian Shop at 27 Maiden Lane and drunk my favourite L&P. I envy the British that they have Waitrose shops supplied with, watch out, fresh New Zealand’s lamb livers and kidneys (6 GBP/kg) and fresh New Zealand’s clams (11 GBP/kg)! Today I am celebrating the Australia Day with Arnott’sTimTams.
I dream that all this stuff will be available one day in Poland. You and me we need to create the demand. Ask frequently and keep asking various greengrocers about New Zealand’s kiwifruit, papaya, guanabana, feijoa. Keep asking for New Zealand’s cheddar at the grocer. It is possible to get it. Today I got the phone call from my African grocer. He got the fresh breadfruit for me. This is the first time I am not importing it from Berlin for a fine restaurant but I will buy it for myself in a regular, small shop. He have it more. Go for a breadfruit on Monday, 27 General Anders St, Warsaw.
Best greetings to Lorraine, Peter, Michael and all the staff at the Tapa Room and many thanks for making my stay so enjoyable and tasty.


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