Great Australian jelly

Australians love jellies. Theu simply do. Maybe that's the echo of the fight with the climate in the past. All the colours, flavours and shapes are acceptable. And who doesn't like fruits soaked in a fragrant wine? Or a wine with some ripe fruits soaked?? Especially if it's a light fair Australian wine? This jelly is especially good with some ripe melon but you can also try other soft fruits like watermelon or strawberries. Anyone's freezing? It's an Aussie summer right now!

Melon jelly
makes 4 portions

300 g melon flesh, cut into small pieces
400 ml white Australian wine (necessarily!)
80 g sugar
1 Tbsp gelatine
6 dried apricots

1. Soak the cut melon in wine for half an hour. Drain.
2. Bring the wine to the boil, dissolve sugar. Take from heat and dissolve gelatine in wine. Leave until  it starts to set (egg white consistency).
3. Scald apricots with boiling water and drain. Chop into stripes.
4. Combine wine jelly with soaked melon and chopped apricots. Divide into four 150 ml glasses and leave in a fridge for about two hours.
5. Decorate with fresh melon, strawberry sauce or fresh strawberries. 

This dessert is especially nice for a cold evening to heat you up. So simple yet elegant, typically Australian.

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