Influence on Polish cuisnie - part 2 - Knuckle of pork in Bavaria - Golonka po Bawarsku

Russia and Germany are neighbours of Poland that has a big influence on Polish history and cuisine. German influence on Poland is as long as long is Polish history. Even the old Polish legend tells about beautiful Polish princess Wanda and German prince who propose her but she didn't want political enemy for husband. Finally Wanda committed suicide in order not to get married. This prehistorical story was first telling about difficult relation between the two neighbours. But there were a few events a little more optimistic. First king of Poland hosted German emperor Otton III in Gniezno and this meeting included Poland to the group of modern European countries. First monks in Poland were German and they brought not only new religion, education but also new dishes. Strange history made us sometime enemy and it divided both nations but common cuisine is part of sour history which always join. Now it is difficult to say which meal have a German influence on Polish cuisine or the opposite. In both countries people like pork meat, beer, and cabbage and potatoes. Schabowy and golonka are of German origin but kasza and use a lot of spices are Polish influence on German cuisine.
Today's recipe is a dish that German and Polish men like very much especially with beer .

Knuckle of pork in Bavaria
for 2 portions

2 knuckles of pork (each about 1 kg)
30 g. lard
0,25 l warm water 
1 onion 
0,25 l stout beer
pepper, salt, 2 bay leaf, 2 cloves

Wash in warm water knuckles of pork and incise skin. After you use a lot of salt and pepper to sprinkle skin of knuckles. Heat up lard in large pan and fry knuckles of pork. Put meat in baking pan, add sliced onion, water  and rest spices .  Put meat into the oven at 200 Celsius degrees for around 60 minutes. Bake next 60 minutes and sometimes pour beer on top of knuckles of pork. If meat isn't ready after this time add a little water and bake as soon as meat is baking. I always check tempature inside meat - meat is ready above 75 Celsius degrees. My uncle sometimes
instead fry, boiled knuckles of pork and bake just 60 minuet but it isn't Bavarian style. 
Serve hot with salad with cabbage, potatoes and beer.

Enjoy! Guten appetit!

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  1. Well, not only men love it. I am also a huge fan of the pork knuckle. I like it especially cooked and smoked. YUMMY!



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