Home-made hard cheese

Long time ago all the housewives in Poland knew how to make this cheese. How much did we lost due to the so called modern civilisation! Anyway, it is still possible to make the cheese with no need of using the rennet. I have found a good way to make it at home here. I give the smaller proportion as I did it. I add more butter than in the original recipe. Thank you Anek for sharing the recipe!

Home-made hard cheese

200 g cottage cheese (this is easy to make - if you wish)
20 g butter
salt to taste
baking soda
herbs (optional)

1. Place the cheese in a pot on a low fire. Stir frequently until it boils up. Place on a sieve to drain.
2. Bring back to the pot adding butter, salt and herbs. Check the taste and add more salt if needed. Stir until the mass becomes homogenous.
3. Add a pinch of baking soda to the pot. The cheese will become fluffy and then stretchy.
4. Leave to cool - you can shape the cheese.
5. If you wish the cheese to mature - keep it in a cold place and brush every several days with the the olive oil. I also salt it.

The cheese preserves really well. It has a real home-made taste which is worth this few simple steps. Enjoy!

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