Influence on Polish cuisnie - part 3 - Beef Strogonow

Polish and Russian cuisines are similar to each other. Both of them have the same Slavic origin and the same taste. Russia is big country and has many local cuisines. Some of them influenced Polish cuisine but if you ask Polish about Russian cuisine they will think about Moscow and Sanct Petersburg areas. Why? Because both cities were capitals of Russia and both of them were identified with the dream of richness and affluence but also with scary enemies of Polish nation.
In the past the business connections and wars initiated a flow of people between the countries, who brought lots of new things and ideas. In this way there came samovar and tea to Poland and the first French recipes and chefs arrived to Russia. This continual flow added new meals to both cuisines. Today in Poland we have lots of Russian recipes which are very popular like Beaf Strogonow.
This dish was thought up probably by French chef Careme for Count Pavel Stroganov but this dish has a few different stories about its origin. Which one is true? I don't know. I know who first made this dish in my family.
This person was my great grandma. She was born in Lviv, now it is Ukrainian city but before Second World War it was Polish place with mixed Polish and Russian influence. In my great grandma home this dish was very popular on special occasions. When my grandma moved to Cracow she brought all family tradition from Lviv and of course recipe for Beef Strogonow. She serves this dish only during her birthday party and it is the best Strogonow I've ever eaten. You can find my grandma recipe below.

Beef Strogonow

500 g beef loin
2 medium onion
100 g mushroom
2 tbs butter
2 tbs tomato puree
½ glass of sour cream
1 ½ glass of stock
2 tbs flour
salt, black pepper, hot pepper

Cut meat to strips and coat it with flour. Cut onion in square and fry it with butter. Cut mushroom to slices. Add meat when onion has gold color and fry on high heat. Add mushroom and fry a few minutes. Add stock, cream, tomato puree salt, black pepper and hot pepper. Stew 10 min. Serve hot with bread or fry potatoes.

Enjoy! Приятного аппетита! Smacznego!

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  1. Dofficult to believe that it gm used hot pepper cause in poland it become common just from few years

  2. You're right, but it is a recipe my grandmother, she also likes news. In Lviv its original recipe does not have this kind of pepper



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