Paris, Paris, Paris

Tomorrow I’m flying to Paris. It is my first time in the world capital of cuisine. I want to visit several places related to my culinary passion. I will also see the most popular tourist attractions.

Paris is sweet.

In childhood I associated Paris with sweets and French sticks. My aunt who lives in France sent me sweets at Christmas. When she visited my family, she taught my grandma how to make croissants. In high school I ate French sticks with jam on lunch - it was my diet. In cookery school I learned about La opera cake, éclair, macaroons and many more traditional French sweets.

Ilona familiarised me with Poilâne bakery and I want to see that special place .
I think that I’ll visit bakeries and confectionery kiosks many times during my trip.

Café life in Paris

My passion is also the 19th and 20th century painting. I have read biographies of many artists from that period and for me French artistic life means café life. At that time many Polish artists studied in Paris and afterwards they moved Paris lifestyle to Krakow.
So I’m familiar with café life very well.
In Paris I particularly want to visit Café du Dôme. This restaurant was visited by many famous artists like Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso and others. And I‘ll go to the café “The Two Windmills” which is famous for the “Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain” movie. Also I’ll look for other artistic cafés on Montmartre.

Paris is fashion

My godmother always told me that Paris means fashion. When she went to Paris, she came back with additional suitcases full of dresses, sweets, wines. In my wardrobe I have two dresses from her trips. They are twenty years old and still are in fashion.
But probably I’ll focus on groceries because I don’t like shopping for clothes.
I want to find a good wine shop, as well as the Fauchon and Lanotre shops.

Next week I’ll tell you about my Paris discoveries.

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  1. If you like food it’s going to be hard to chose where to eat! For the Amélie’s café, “Le Café des Deux Moulins” it is at 15 rue Lepic and you can take the métro to Blanche because it is at the bottom of the street. There are so many good pastry shops in Paris. There is a pastry shop in Passage Jouffroy, near the Boulevards called Valentin, they have delicious cakes and at lunch they have a good, not expensive “plat du jour” (daily dish.) I always go there when in Paris. You are going to have a great time. I am looking forward to reading you impressions of Paris. Thanks for coming to my blog.



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