Taste Festival in Krakow

Hi everybody! I am back! Sorry for the huge gap, those who know me know that I am currently managing the restaurant, not mine yet. Not yet.

Me and you dear readers, we have much to make up for the lost time because as you may suppose I was not starving during this time. What do I have to share are the memories of tastes, colourful photos and of course my good look;-), well, I meant mood...

Let' s start with few pictures from the late August's Taste Festival in Krakow. The event shows that we are hunger for our culinary heritage and we need much more space for the future festival. There were crowds in spite of the rain. I particularly liked the idea of cooking the vegetable soup to share it with all the guests. Yummy, yummy matter.

Try our delicious meats! Fresh from the mountains!

Maybe a wholemeal dumpling?
Or an apple from the Bona Sforza queen's dress? (Very notable person in Polish culinary history!)
I prefer doughnuts...

Even deers are waiting for the hot bigos, despite the weather.
Bread sculpture - stalls decorated ingeniously.

REMEMBER THAT: Polish doughnuts are the best in the world.
Polish oscypek, ewe's milk cheese - range of shapes.

Other photos can be found here.
See you next year?

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