Figs with rich feeling

Hi everybody!! I'm back too. Apologies for my absence, but summer means buzy time for me.

This summer I made a discovery of “fig”. I know these fruits and sometimes I ate them but I never was delighted with taste of figs... until now. My summer guests brought me Polish culinary magazine “Kuchnia” ( kitchen). On the front cover there is a picture of a fig with pine nuts. I like pine nuts but I never ate them in that combination. I found recipe and made it.

For 4 people
8 figs
40 dag goat's cheese ( any one is good, I tried tihs recipe with a few kinds of goat's cheese )
10 dag pine nuts
olive oil and balsamic vinegar for taste

Every fig on top makes a cross cut. Gently part fig and put inside piece of goat's cheese.
Roast pine nuts . Sprinkle figs with pine nuts. Put fruits on baking tray covered with baking sheet and put in oven. Bake for 8 minutes in 190 C.
Before serving sprinkle fruits with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Recipe is easy but taste is rich – perfection!!!


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  1. Hah hah, I am also delighted to read you again! I love figs baked with olive oil and vinegar, with a baguette. I think warmly about fig jam that I brought home from my honey moon in Bosnia:-)



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