Bread Holiday in Krakow

It was almost one month ago but that was a memorable experience which I wanted to share with you from the beginning but job kept me away from the computer successfully.

This Bread Holiday (Święto Chleba) takes place in Wolnica Square in Krakow's well known district Kazimierz. This year's edition was held on the 13-14th of June together with the Krakow's semifinal of the fifth Little-Poland Taste Festival (Małopolski Festiwal Smaku). This year Krakow is also celebrating the 750th anniversary of Krakow Bakers' Guild and 100th anniversary of the canonizataion of St Clement, bakers' patron saint.

Certainly this is a place where you can explore the Little Poland cuisine and the variety of regional products and meet the organic producers face to face.There was honey to try, great slimming breads, my favourite smoked cheese oscypek and the grain to grind your own flour!!!

Moreover Polish smoked sausages, hams in herbs, grilled shish and...

But the most of all breads, rolls, knots, Krakow's bagels, pretzels and much more.

Of course there is the competition - you can vote for your favourite breads, products and dishes. Another competition is for kids - shaping in the dough for Krakow bagels.

Regional pottery better than the ancient Greek one, beeswax candels and aboundance of pretzels.

Also you can hear the play of brass bands, regional folk bands and even a rap concert! (Some talks on the matter are also given - in Polish).

Wolnica Square itself is a perfect starting point for a day sightseeing. You can admire the sculpture Fountain of players by Bronislaw Chromy and visit the Ethnograpic Museum for its numerous exhibitions and a special events prepared for the Bread Holiday. Then you can treat yourself in diverse restaurants, take a long walk to discover the Jewish heritage across the district and end up in one of the vibrant cafes.

On the 29-30th of August the final of Little Poland Taste Festival is taking place here, I hope to see you there!!!

P.S. There was also very meaningful exhibition of the few appliances used by bakers over the time. That comes from the museum of bakery in Pleszew in the Great Poland region in the west of Poland. The museum founded by master baker Tomasz Vogt operates from 2006. Must-to-visit!!! And now the contest: what is the machine on the photo? What it was used for? Set of brochures about Little Poland for the lucky winner from any part of the world! Emails to: hilona at wp dot pl.

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