Walnut Asparagus Omelette

Since my husband doesn't like eggs as they are I have nearly lost hope to find my soulmate. Thanks God there is Nuria. She has announced the blogging omelette contest. My first thought: asparagus and walnuts. Spring and autumn together. Brain's stimulants. So that is the story: Nuria's responsible for that spark.

Walnut Asparagus Omelette
for 1 person
(still I must to eat it alone)

2 eggs
pinch of salt and baking powder
5 thin asparagus
a handful of walnuts

1. Roast walnuts in the frying pan.
2. Boil asparagus in water with salt and sugar, drain and cool down immediately. Cut into 2 -3 cm pieces.
3. Beat the eggs with salt and baking powder (I did it really well with my mixer).
4. Mix in asparagus and walnuts.
5. Pour out on a hot oiled frying pan. Cover with a lid and keep on a medium fire for 2 minutes. Turn and keep for a minute longer.
6. Eat as fast as possible!!!
What I like in this dish is the green crunchy stuff and my favourite nuts. You didn't expect that hardship in an omelette, did you? And I like that bubbles caught in the structure. It gives the illusion that it is a light treat;-)
I can't wait to see more wonderful recipes!!! Viva España!


  1. Aaaaahhhh you are so sweet!!! Thanks a lot for joining the contest :D. I love your omelet! Walnuts!!! This must be such an interesting combination :D... I have to try! Good luck and see you in the round-up. Viva Polonia!

  2. I thought I left a comment...
    Well, just in case, thanks so much Ila for contributing in the contest :D. I love your omelet. The walnuts make it so interesting :D. See you in the round up on monday. Viva Polonia!



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