New Kid on the Block - shelal cheese

Quite often new exotic ingredients come into my kitchen. I would like to familiarize you with them. Probably some of you will have more ideas on their use - so feel free to share your ways. 

Today I present shelal - a cow's milk cheese from Syria made into form of strands. It is very salty so it would be a good idea to rinse it under cold water - but only for few seconds. If you leave the cheese in water, it will loose all its stiffness. This cheese is great for decorating salads and open sandwiches.

My canape: gluten-free bread, home made houmous, baby spinach leaves, slice of ham, shelal with nigella seeds, broccoli sprouts, New Zealand's Grove (Greencado) avocado oil.  

Another interesting ingredient: anardana powder - dried pomegranate seeds from India.

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