1.Targi Książki Kulinarnej

Between 19th and 21st July the first Fairs of Culinary Books took place in Warsaw. The organiser was Qchnia Arystyczna, a recognised restaurant led by a charismatic restaurateur. Marta Gessler is known for her passionate and artistic approach towards cooking and floristry. 

The New Zealand's stand was there with my book and some of the best NZ's food products to try. There was also a chance to speak on sustainable NZ's winegrowing, agriculture and aquaculture. 


The arcaded galleries of Zamek Ujazdowski were home for a number of publishers and foodies.  

My stand featured NZ's produce also.
Green and golden kiwifruits.
Feijoa compote, juice, lemonade and jam.
Manuka honey, rewarewa, clover and wild flower honeys.
Avocado oil.

The announcement of my presentation on Sustainable New Zealand in Park Ujazdowski where the whole event took place.

With Marta Gessler, a moving force behind the event.
 Marta's culinary sculpture - "Try crispness" and her giant crisps.If you wished to try stickiness, there were giant pana cottas.

The courtyard of Zamek Ujazdowski is occupied by 'the Garden of Senses' where you can admire, touch and smell a variety of herbs and flowers set in boxes around deckchairs.

Being surrounded by cookbooks of all sorts, vegetarian, vegan, dietary, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, in Polish and in English, new and used it was simply irresistible! Luckily I have found something suitable for my interests and now I am preparing my first Philippine dish.  

Film report from this event is here

See you next year!

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