"News from Gosia’s kitchen" part 1 : Wok- King

Last two months were busy for me.
I changed a flat and I had a few problems in my job, but now I’m back and start new series on my experience with wok, South - East Asian and Mexican cuisines.
I gave it a name "News from Gosia’s kitchen" and it will be not only about my current interests.

Let's start. One month ago I bought new professional wok with bamboo steamers. I was very excited and I wanted to cook immediately I read on the packaging the following instruction.

1) First wash the wok thoroughly in warm water and detergent to remove special Anti- rust coating.

So, it looked easy, but I was scrubbing it the whole hour, uff.

2) Rinse and dry thoroughly over your gas ring or electric hot plate.

3) Put in two tablespoons of cooking oil. When the oil is hot warm rub the interior with a paper towel until the whole surface is lightly coated with oil.

Be careful on fingers. I used silicon gloves, they are very useful.

4) Heat the wok slowly for about 15 min. and wiping occasionally with more oil....

This part was very easy. The wok heated while I was sipping wine from the glass and was reading wok meals recipes.

4a) you will see that it will start to darken in color. This means that your wok is becoming seasoned and with use will get even darker or almost black.

So, it meant my wok was ready to start a new part of my kitchen life. Now I use wok not only to cook Asian food. My wok is ideal to make Italian sauces for pastas and fillings for Polish pierogi. The rest of my pots are still in boxes, because now I use my new versatile pot – Wok-king.

But the king needs a lot of attention and I can't leave it for a long time alone and dirty after cooking because the rust also likes wok.
Wok is easy to clean. Once it’s seasoned the wok should never be washed with detergent.
I simply remove any food and wash it in hot water. Next I dry with paper napkin and rub a little oil into the surface. That’s all.

It is important to never use detergent or scrub during washing. If you do it or when rust appears you must season wok again.

So let’s start cooking... but in next episode, see you.

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