Weird vegetable - artichoke.

It was my first time when I prepared artichoke by myself. I always wanted to make artichoke, but I have had a problem with good quality artichoke or it was expensive. In Poland and also in Ireland artichoke isn't popular, even in restaurants. Last week I found beautiful artichokes in my favourite groceries and bought a few and prepared on Sunday lunch in very simple way – in Poland known as “Roman” dish.

For 1 person

2 artichokes
1 clove of garlic (chop)
few leaves mint
½ glas of water
½ glas of olive oil
salt, pepper

Cut off the artichoke stems of the leaves, snapping off the tough bottom leaves and discard it. Stuff with garlic and mint. Pour water and oil into the pot, put artichokes inside (head down), add salt and pepper. Boil for about 20 min, and serve.

I served it with noodles with olives oil and ham.

But my artichoke adventure didn't finish during lunch. After the lunch we went to botanic garden where I saw growing artichokes. In this way that day I saw the whole life of this weird vegetable, but I still ask – Who discovered this vegetable and why? It is strange for me because we eat hearts of artichoke bud, the rest is hard and not tasty. Who was so hungry?

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