Chocolate cookie

Almost every food fair has now a chocolate making show or a chocolate sculpture exhibition. We can watch the catwalk chocolate shows. If you tap the tag 'chocolate art' on google you will discover nearly 20 million of images. This art is so much time-consuming and temporary at the same time! My cookie was not the exception.
I won't tell the name of the manufacturer, I am just saying this cookie was cute. Yes, it was, my devotion to the art led me to the total experience of the work... There is a mountainous landscape in the background, beautiful obvious pines, real dairy cows and the cowherd with his flattened hat and nose. What a beautiful picture that makes a regular cookie an unusual one.
I loved the details but it didn't help this cookie to survive. That is why it is so important to catch these masterpieces on our cameras. Do you also have any chocolate art to share it? Please let mi know sending the photos to hilona@wp.pl. We will make a chocolate gallery!

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