Liquid curry

'What do I have to buy for the soup? What are you talking about?! One onion, one apple, one lemon?!' Yes, that's for the mulligatawny soup, of Anglo-Indian origin and of the name meaning literally 'pepper water' in Tamil.

Mulligatawny soup

1 onion
1 apple
1 garlic clove
2-3 Tsp oil
1 heaped tsp of curry powder
3 Tbsp flour
1,5 l chicken stock
1 Tbsp of lemon juice
salt, sugar, parsley, cream (30-35% fat)
180 g rice (for 4 people)

1. Boil rice in salted water. Cut onion and apple into small cubes, chop garlic. Heat the oil in the pot, brown lightly onion and apple, stirring frequently. Add garlic.

2. Add curry powder, mix adding some stock to avoid burning.

3. Sprinkle onion and apple with flour, mix well avoiding lumps, add stock if necessary.

4. Slowly pour in the pot all the chicken stock. Cook for another 10 minutes.

5. Season with lemon juice, salt and a pinch of sugar.

6. Serve with rice tower in the soup bowl, granished with fresh parsley and a spoon of cream if desired - this will smooth the texture and balance the flavours.

Again, something really simple can be very tasty. And quick. As well as attractive. And filling-up. And... and...

So we eat the soup of a strange name second time in three days. Because it is so delicious. Winter has gone now, but remember this recipe, certainly it is going to be your favourite also.

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