New Year's Resolutions

This year I am going to be more adventurous than ever.

1. No limits in the kitchen, except temperature. No ‘later’ to new breads, green curry paste, coconut milk, taro, Bosnian honey, New Zealand’s wine, Polish cheese and all your cooking books politely waiting on the shelves.

2. Stop banning traditional Polish cuisine, all these cottage soups, fine meat and dumplings in what your mother-in-law is the best... You don’t want any more situation when your husband after an Asian-style dinner says ‘It was good but, please, don’t do it again’.

3. You shall not be scared by the following consequences in your weight.

4. Hope that your budget will stand it.

5. Fallen cheesecakes and any other cakes shall not diminish your professional experience.

6. You shall not be so ambitious about apple-pies. Bread is what you really want to bake.

7. Challenges, holidays and pleasures shall not be refused.

8. Physical activity, whatever it means, shall not be avoided...

9. Blossoming flowers around. More reading. And a fancy purse:-).

10. Getting up at 7 a.m. is rather unachievable but you shall try.

Good luck!!!



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