Nothing from the Pacific - yummy Scotch buns

Does anyone remember humble beginnings of our blog? Me and Gosia, we were so much younger (but not as attractive as young mums can be). We both loved cooking. Gosia was fighting with her English language nightmare. I was crazy about breads, sourdough and kneading. I was crazy till last year. Then I was advised to go on a gluten-free diet. That was my kind of nightmare. Yes, I love plenty of other foods but I really missed the wheat and rye stuff. Now I can have a little rest from this restriction. I took out the best ever The Bread Book by Linda Collister. I've made the favourite buns of my husband and they were so perfect! So delicate, with this special smell of the yeast dough. Absolutely divine.

My dear breads, doughnuts and cookies, I have never betrayed you! Yours forever, Ilona.  

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