The Tatar influence on the Polish cuisine - Tatar sauce

Tatars are one of the very exotic ethnic groups in Poland. In the thirteenth century during the Tatar invasions of Poland, the Polish met Tatars for the first time. Those invasions were deeply rooted in social consciousness which manifested itself in legends about Lajkonik
or the Krakow bugle call. In the fifteenth century, Tartars became allies of Poland and began to settle in Poland and Lithuania.

Polish Kings gave them many privileges. As a result during the wars they fought on the side of Poland. Tatars were good soldiers and they were rewarded by Kings. Polish Kings allowed them to create their own autonomous social group.
This ethnic group is the most different from other groups in Poland but its influence on Polish culture and cuisine is significant. Typical Tatar dishes are spicy, high-calorie and easy to prepare. Dairy products, vegetables and meat (especially sheep) play a major role in this cuisine. Dumplings (pierogi) are the most popular dish of flour. Tatars taught Poles to marinate meat, “tatar's lamb” was very popular. Its influence can be seen today in Polish cuisine, especially in the very popular Tartar sauce. The most famous dish with Tatar roots on Polish tables is " Tatar steak " or simply "the Tatar" - made from minced beef, eggs and spices, served raw. Some restaurants in Poland still serve this dish, but you have to be careful because this dish made from raw meat is dangerous for health.
I have two variations of the Tatar. Instead of raw meat I use chopped smoked salmon or chopped fresh tomatoes. I serve both dishes with olive oil, salt and black pepper.

What I like most are true Tatar dishes such as czebureki, dolma, Tatar skewers, płow. My favourite Tatar dessert is kołacz. It is a yeast cake filled with cottage cheese. If you want to try typical Tatar meals I invite you to Sokółka, Bohoniki, Bobrowniki. There still live Polish Tatars.
Below one oft the best cold sauce

Tatar sauce

50 dag mayonnaise

15 ml fresh cream
200 g. gherkin
150 g.marinated mushrooms
1 tbsp. mustard

In bowl mix together mayonnaise, fresh cream, mustard, pepper, salt and sugar. Cut on small pieces gherkin and mushrooms and add they to bowl with sauce. Mix well sauce. Serve with hot meats like beef or pork or serve with smoked meats and bread. This sauce is very good to barbecue meats.


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  1. Oh, yummm... We eat "tartar" in my house as well on occasion. At my cousin's wedding a couple of years ago, one of the dishes served was Salmon Tartar. I will have to make this sauce some time... :)



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