What to do with leftover party food?

So New Year has started. I made new plans. Today I begin to carry out my dreams and I still hope to fulfil them. I feel fresh, but yesterday I was in different mood, I was tired after long night and short sleep. And I had a slight hangover. Usually to recover quickly I prefer long walking, especially that Dublin looks beautifully in winter sun after nightly snowing. When we came back home we were very hungry. I looked into my fridge where there was a lot of leftover party food, but I couldn't find anything for two meals. I faced a small dillema - to make a new dinner or to eat leftovers. So I combined both ideas and made “New Year wraps with old year filling”. What was in my fridge?

I had:

6 filo sheets
1 cookover filet of salmon (about 100 g)
5 large cookover potatos
3 tbs. of caper
1 roast red pepper
1 chilli pepper
a few leaves of basil
1 onion
a few tbs. of malted butter
1 ts. of turmeric
black pepper and salt

As the first I mashed potatos, next I added salmon still mixing. I cut onion into small squares and fried on butter till getting gold colour. I cut caper, roasted pepper, chilli pepper and basil into small pieces. I added all ingredients and turmeric, black pepper and salt into a bowl with mixed potatos and salmon and blended well.Each filo sheets I spreaded with butter and put on middle filling and wraped. I spread the butter on every wrap and put on baking tray and next put into oven. My wraps baked at 180 degrees Celsius for around 20 minutes. I served hot wraps with piquant sauce and mixed salad. Enjoy!

I think this recipe is good with other ingredients which remained after party. I wonder if you have your own ideas on what to do with leftover party food?

Happy New Year!!

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