Sushi restrictions

Dear readers, guess what I was told yesterday... I was told that my palms' pH is not like that of a man and thus the sushi prepared by a man tastes better. That is why I probably don't get the position of itamae despite the fact that none of the male applicants was really interested in getting the job. We all love food but hey, wait a minute, this is just the food even if some people made it their path in life. It is not a religion! I respect all the traditions the sushi is connected with but also... Finally I have learned how to use the chop sticks as I think it is necessary and I should know it. Who of my friends cooking professionally read the book on the Japanese culinary culture? Gosia only. Me, a European highlander, I love the seaweeds' taste, even in their dry shape. I admire these rice pearls, a little bit sticky but still firm, and the hopefully green and pleasantly fatty avocado, my favourite. What an astonihing beauty of the smoked salmon (yes, I prefer this!) or rare almost bloody tuna...

Do you remember Gosia's adventurous Polish style sushi?

And you say, you prefer a man... For God's sake let us do our job.

P.S. To all of you who have been told you don't know how to make this and that: rubbish.
For instance I am not afraid of the cheesecakes anymore. But - people can still hurt us. Take care.


  1. Man made better sushi because his palms' pH is better than woman's?! My God, this is chauvinism and it isn't true!!! I often ate sushi which was made by men and this sushi was awful. The secret of good sushi is in hands, it is true. but not pH of hands make good sushi but mastery of sushi maker. Don't worry Ilona, it was just a bad restaurant you'll find a better place.

  2. Thanks! Gosia's said that the thing is rather in the hands' temperature than in the pH but I am not a Japanese to say more on the topic. Very interesting question indeed...



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