Cooking for the ones you love

Yes, cooking for other people is something different from preparing food for ourselves. I always feel terrified. So much I wish it to be perfect. What to do to avoid panic?

1. Planning.

Week ahead is surely enough. You can look through all your recipes cut out from magazines and kept ‘for later’. When you decide for the food, make the shopping list. Do the shopping – this takes unbelievably much of time. Plan the most time-consuming works. Plan menu in the way that enables you to socialize! Especially cooking for more people, plan the food easy to make, serve and share. Don’t leave your guests the impression that they came to a restaurant where they usually do not see the chef.

2. Choosing the theme.

This goes as a second because is not necessary but can be a very interesting part of preparing a meeting. Cooking lesson, cold buffet, green-coloured food, Italian cuisine, holiday dinner and other themes, they all give us a spark to create an exceptional menu. Think about the dishes, napkins, candles, flowers and other decorative stuff. Yupi!!!!!!

3. Cooking itself.

What you have planned, prepare it early enough. Especially if you make it for the first time. Think about something in case of ‘emergency’. Whipped cream can save (or make) many desserts. If your taste is not ‘typical’, ask someone to try the dish while still cooking.

4. Do not let the food to overwhelm you or your guests, unless it has a strong purpose, as attention given to the wedding cake or turkey on Thanks Giving Day. (Personally: do not terrorize your guests with your camera...)

5. Indulge yourself with your delicious food, you are also a guest! Enjoy the time as you wish to invite your friends once again!

Does it look as a more relaxed way of organising a party??

Anyway, it will work during the Shrovetide week!

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